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Liberty Free Will Baptist Church

            3026 Camp Creek Rd.

              Lancaster, SC 29720

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On May 16, 1996 there were 38 people who didn't know where to go or what to do. But, there was a godly man and woman who loved the Lord, the Church, and God's people and were willing to open up their home to the entire group and he said "Come on over to our house and we will worship the Lord together." So, those faithful 38 brokenhearted people

met for several weeks, right there in their living room and had church.

We sang, we prayed, we cried and yes, we worshiped the Lord right there together. This is the place where "Liberty" began. The Lord blessed and added "daily" to His Church. In a few short weeks, God opened the doors for us to be able to "rent" the National Guard Armory building for $350 a month. We were given a piano, we borrowed a sound system, and we sat

in metal folding chairs, and we rounded lip some old "worn out" song books. Sometimes we had air~conditioning, and sometimes we didn't. We had to fan ourselves, but the Lord is faithful and He kept on doing His part and more and more souls were saved. It ~asn't long until we had enough money in the bank to make one of first major purchases. We bought a 36 passenger bus, and had it painted for $500 and she took us everywhere we needed to go. I don't know for sure, but we put many, many miles on it, and have shared some of the most precious times together, laughing, singing, and having some great times of fellowship right on "Liberty's Church Bus." Going to the Zoo, to the Ball Games, on our "Couple's Retreat". We were told right before Thanksgiving of 1996 that our space at the "Armory" was needed and that we had to go .... so, once again, God opened the door for us, but we had to move into the rental store~front building that was right beside "Grinder's". Well, it needed "MAJOR repairs. So for two weeks we cleaned, we scraped, we painted, and we repaired, and then .... we moved in. This store~front building has seen many souls walk the aisle for Jesus! (If only those walls could talk.) We only had seating for 100 but, there have been as many as 170 people present at one time here in this building. Singing, praying, worshiping and praising the Lord here together. Then as God continued to bless, we were able to start a "Building Fund" and together with the Lord's help .... and, many, many fund~raisers later we were able to save over $50,000 to purchase some land for Liberty. We had searched and searched for land and each time "we" thought we may have found the place God wanted us to be .... it just didn't happen. God would close the door, or say "no". Then one day, God allowed one of our deacons to do some work for a lady right here in this community, and it just so happened that he mentioned to her that were searching for some land. And God showed us that this was the place ..... It sits here on six acres of prime property (that God has given us) that we have come to worship and praise Him in today! GOD IS SO GOOD! He has met EVERY need that Liberty Free Will Baptist Church has ever had. He will meet your needs too, today if you will just trust Him to take care of it. It took a lot of broken hearts that God joined together and healed, so we too could show God's love for others. Here at Liberty Free Will Baptist Church, we love Jesus, and we love people. We now are a different church. We have God's Liberty! We are not ashamed to worship the Lord. July 21, 2002 we broke ground to build a new Sanctuary to seat 500 and new Sunday School rooms. God is still blessing Liberty Free Will Baptist Church and if we seek Him in all that we do, and do the jobs that He has given to us, we will continue to be blessed and grow.

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